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I aim to capture a emotion.....a personality......a connection. These are the things that make life wonderful and these are the things that will create beautiful images for you to cherish. Each session is as unique as you and your loved ones. I insist on creating a relaxed a fun atmosphere to allow for the true nature of each person to shine through. We want your images to beautifully represent who you and yours are.




Franny generally works on the North shore of Lake Pontchartrain, and Baton Rouge Louisiana but can arrange for travel to other areas. All portrait sessions are done on-location using natural light or the occasional flash. Sessions can be at your home with a 'studio' set up or Franny can help you select the perfect outdoor location.




This is the eternal question, what to wear? Complimenting is good, mixing it up a bit is even better. No need for everyone to be dressed completely alike. We don't walk around in matching outfits in real life, so why should we in our photos? To achieve a more uniform look groups can wear matching colors but let each individual express their own style. Dress like you, just a better, cuter, well accessorized version of you. If you are having trouble deciding, bring along several outfits and Franny can help with the decision. Outfit changes during the session will give you a greater variety of images to cherish so don't be afraid to try out some fun and funky clothing!




Sessions generally take place in early morning or evening. For children please consider their nap and meal times when scheduling. A non-hungry and well rested child is a happy child! Bring snacks and beverages along just incase the need arises.


Feel free to bring along items you love. A fun chair, an umbrella, the rain boots little Johnny can't live without, a lollipop, your child's favorite toy, anything! There are no rules so just play along, you'll love the results!


I am laid back and easy going so please don't stress if you are a few minutes late or a child is feeling ill and we need to reschedule. To capture amazing portraits it is vitally important to be relaxed and enjoy the session. Be patient with your children we have plenty of time.



*My clients are my #1 priority and I will everything I can to ensure you are happy with your experiance and results but please note that refunds are not given for session fees, image disks, or custom products*