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My Take on Photography


"Photography lends you the world for your canvas and all its light as your medium."


  In an instant the shutter opens and a seemingly intangible moment in time is captured. Photography is an art that can allow you view an unreachable far off place or simply enjoy your sweet child’s smile long after they have grown. When you look at a photograph you are able to see the world through the photographer’s eye. A simple photograph can evoke so much emotion and wonder in a person. A photograph, a special and unique piece of history preserved forever.


As a Professional


    I am picky. I hold myself and my work to high standards. Striving to always create the best imagery based on my clients needs. My priorities lie both in beautiful imagery and cultivating strong and lasting relationships with those clients. I am responsible for capturing moments that can always be cherished and this is a responsibility I take very seriously. I listen to my clients thoughts and expectations so we can work together to accomplish their goals and realize their vision. Life and people are always quickly changing and I want to make sure that the photos I take will evoke memories that bring you back to that fleeting place and time in your life. There are two things I can't stand, wasting time and wasting money. When I am hired to work with a client you can rest assured that their time and money will not be wasted or taken for granted. Each session is treated with respect and diligence to create the best possible outcome. Even though I tend to be a stickler when it comes to the quality of my work I am also very laid back and easy to work with. The nature of my profession requires me to have a gigaton of patience, fortunately that comes easily. I absolutely adore creating and capturing beautiful photographs, maybe even borderline obsessively. That energy is the driving force that can assure you will get the best I can do....every time.




As an Artist


   In addition to the photographer in me that simply wants to capture amazing images there is the artist that wants to make these images something more! I dabble in arts of all kinds from painting and drawing to sculpting and mixed media. Artistry comes forth in all my creative projects including the art of photography. I love to take and image and re-master it to be something creative and different. I love to try new and exciting things with Photography. I’m game for most anything so please don’t hesitate to collaborate with me about your vision or ideas for your session. Post session, I retouch every image that I deliver to my clients. I want each image to be the best it can be and I want you to LOVE each image!


My Style


I aim to capture a emotion.....a personality......a connection. These are the things that make life wonderful and these are the things that will create beautiful images for you to cherish. Each session is as unique as you and your loved ones. I insist on creating a relaxed a fun atmosphere to allow for the true nature of each person to shine through. We want your images to beautifully represent who you and yours are.




   HELLO, my name is Franny (short for Frances, which was my grandmothers name as well). I am a native Louisianan, born in Hammond at what is now called North Oaks Hospital. I am married to the most wonderful and supportive man who is the absolute love of my life! We have two young sons, Ethan and Evan. I am a busy parent just like most of you. I have to juggle home, work, and family too! So believe me when I say I know it isn’t necessarily easy to get the family up and out for a photo shoot. I absolutely appreciate every single one of you who do this so I can take some great pictures of you and your loved ones! I am easy going and very easy to work with. If I had a dime for every time I heard “thank you for being so patient with our children” or “I don’t know how you have the patience to do this”   I just might be retired, Ha!  My formal training (call it college) resulted in a bachelors degree in Biology. I have a love for logic and the pursuit of knowledge. I enjoy getting out and having fun whether it's with my boys, friends, or date night. I keep busy, there are no dull moments for this girl. Football is awesome...I am a true Who Dat for for life. There is no way I could say enough good stuff about living in south Louisiana. Other random fun facts; my favorite color is aqua/teal blue, I am athletic (love to run and hit the gym), I love to cook (and eat!), LOVE travel and adventure, My husband is my best friend (we have been together since freshman year in college 1999), I hate clutter,  and I have a giant green thumb :)


 ~ Franny